Heart & Arms

by Golden Birds

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released July 16, 2004

Electric Human Project / Lots of Love Records




Golden Birds New York, New York

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Track Name: Things Don't Fall Apart
The tiger's out of the jungle
you go downtown for the hides
And the wilds are a jumble of cocky cocky safari guides
Great white is out of the ocean
You come and go with the tides
Till you get sick from the motion of cocky cocky safari guides
Now I can’t help from goodness saking
Now I can't keep my hands from shaking

But the fires are out
So what're you whining about grandpa
Just put the pills in your mouth
You're your tiger now

The monster's out of the closet
Holding your hand in the waiting room
Caressing it as she gnaws it
Doctor talk to her say she can't come through
Grizzly bear's out of the forest
Shotgun in your Subaru
Eating at you till you floor it
Officer say he can't come through
Give me a sign a lollipop a law to stop me from breaking

Because the fires are out
So what're you gushing about sugarplum
Just put the pills in your mouth
You're your tiger now

So wear its mask sugar
Do its dance
Shake shake that baby on out of your pants
If you can

Saw Ali on the TV
He said this much I know
I know my toe-bone's connected
To my foot-bone's connected
To my ankle-bone
Saw him that night in a dream
Staring down at his limbs
They were going like hummingbirds
Singing what's in is out
And what's out is in
Mr Fox going to Washington to testify
You gotta move child before the move finds you
And sitting in from his sickbed on CNN the Pope said it's
No time for erecting monuments - look around
Where've you found the stable ground
To stand yourself up all stiff and proud
Of what we're turning into

I almost killed a man last night at 19th and Mission
Was running late and I was switching lanes
His keychain flashed as I came past
I swerved a little
But I don't know the difference it could have made
The show was sold out anyways
Track Name: Portrait of the Pedophile as a Young Man
Don't doubt it Christ was a hottie
Wanted to take all of us home with him
My uncle went to Nepal
He was a sculptor
With time on his hands all elegant and slim
He was a looker and you knew he knew it
Always selecting with care
He came back with a flower
She moved without making a sound that wasn't delicate & rare

My buddy's at it again
Another woman
With time on her hands
With Saturday plans and a week's lifespan
I don't understand
How he can stare straight ahead
When I know he knows who's winning
Just as well as I
Well I'll be my own man
I will look up at night
I will still see the sky

Brothers we're frozen in place
Third millennium icemen yeah
Subject to the whims of a glacier
Where every word you want to say
Is fighting centuries of pressure for air
We walk through town
Clutching our backs
Hunching beneath stacks and stacks of biomass
And you can turn the TV off
And it'll waft under the door
No Virginia it isn't the machines you should be looking for

And if you are what you eat
It's only because you eat what you are
It’s all mirrors on the wall
No wishes on a star
And if you are what you eat
It's only because you eat what you are
Or what you think you are

No I'm not ashamed
Track Name: Sugarbear
The King is ruined again
Allegations bubbling over every edge
Of an entire empire's frying pans
Well we'll hang the newsman from his reel to reel
Before we're too full for another meal
There's more to taste there's more to feel

And tell me why shouldn't I get me mine
When you can smell it in the air

Look I've got friends
They like to debate they like to stay up nice and late
Extolling parties fucking men
Nitpicking interest rates
Boring into one another's Minotauran mazes
Upgrading their metal plates
As first my left eye then my right eye glazes

Just tell me why shouldn't I get me mine
When it's everywhere

Feast or starve don't give a fuck or care
Work the moves that earn you enough air
We're getting things cooking in the baleen of a whale
No one's suffocating you're just out of scale

You're just getting your epiphenomenon on

Come on and feast or starve be laissez-faire
Work your way inside to where the air's not so stale
And fear not fellow Gepettos our boy toys can not fail
So while we're waiting in the dark oh yeah we'll be setting sail

We'll be getting our epiphenomenon on

So what you got cooking in your kitchen now player yeah
So what you got cooking in your kitchen now sugarbear

(She knows how to hold me
She calls me the right words
But which pinch is she taking me with?)
Track Name: You Think You're a Hypochondriac
I'm a simulator
Baby I'm state of the art
I'll become your money
Honey I'll break your heart
I will burrow in
Patience vigilance and discipline
I'm an incubator baby
I'm where you begin

So break out your stationary
Hoist your petard
Wear out you library card
Dig up your whole back yard
You will think you have me
Every shadow every spark
But like a pure illuminator babe
You'll never know me from the dark

I am a teenager
It's my time to rage
Busting out of your cage dear
Baby where's the stage
You will endorse me
You will attend to me
I’ll be the dictator and you will be bent to me

So break out your stationary
Hoist your petard
Wear out you library card
Dig up your whole back yard
You will think you’ve found me
Every pebble every stone
But I’m a proper excavator babe
You'll never know me from the bone
Track Name: Andre the Giant and Cool "Disco" Dan Take On the Slave Trade
In a bathroom in a gas station
Off the 101 plans were being laid
Dan stood hunched over the sink
On which lay the magic-markered list he’d made
Singing I’ve got some new ideas
For some new stickers and some doubts
About the whole campaign about what we’re all about
Tell me are we playing right into their hands
Said Dre alls I know is too much weight can crush a man
True said Dan he said you’re an icon a beacon
A reason not to feel destitute
You’re everyplace everyone knows your face respect is due
But when you peek out at the landscape now
Doesn’t it look like it expected you
Every surface is pushing something
Dre are we infected too
Because I swear its got a life of its own
Like every wall I claim’s a sacrifice
To a wrathful name crowned and throned
With an appetite an appetite an appetite
To fill the skies swallow the seas saturate your sight yeah

We got the whole world in our hands
We got the whole world in our hands today
But Dre too much weight can crush a man
And I think we just got suckered again

But now that’s plenty said Danny
About the paranoias that attend me
What's happening friend why you look white as a ghost
Said Dre I’m still lagging on this godforsaken coast
He said I woke up in the basement it was totally dark
There were no windows just a radio that said four o clock
And I knew I told you that I’d meet you here at quarter to eight
But for a minute I didn’t know whether I was early or late
And Dan I’m wearying of jockeying for pole position
Sorting piles of prophesies and superstitions
I’m sorry if my eyes don’t see
With twenty-twenty twenty-forty vision
But I’m through with studied posturing I’m going with intuition

We got the whole world in our hands
We got the whole world in our hands but Dan
You know too much weight can crush a man
And I think we just got suckered again
Track Name: On Fire
I heard the planes today yeah
Shook the brick shook the pavement yeah yeah
And I looked to duck and I looked to cover and hide
Woke up with someone’s elbow in my side
Singing rise and shine it’s time to stow your tray yeah
Here we come again

Stewardess go on stewardess flash us that smile right
Hey we got blood on these wings
And they’re shuddering they’re on fire hey
And stewardess you can’t stop these things

Headed back inland from the beach yeah
Spitting watermelon seeds yeah yeah
When one clears the window it’s like the winds whip it
Sixty-five seventy miles a minute
It’s gone in a blink
It’s blooming mushrooming back there
And there is nothing in here

Stewardess come on stewardess pick up the phone now
Flames want to fall from these wings
And they’re sagging getting tired
It’s time to come clean
Can we stop this thing