Expat EP

by Golden Birds



XPEP is part two of three of NEW WORLD

Plays off of Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper, 1983); Uptown Girl (Billy Joel, 1983); Just Like Heaven (The Cure, 1987); Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2, 1984); and Boys of Summer (Don Henley, 1984).


released December 31, 2012




Golden Birds New York, New York

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Track Name: Fish on Bicycles
I rode him twice over homecoming break
It was fun he was nice but there’s plenty of bait in the lake
My sister says we don’t need them anyways
Fish on bicycles baby
Bullshit cheeseball & totally eighties


I get home at a quarter past nine
Tore up party hat talking about AM this time
My back cross-hatched with stairwell-wall lines
Taste of his breath
& Happy Holidays! wine
He said I’ve wanted you since the London deal
Your laptop matches mine
Fish on bicycles honey
Fuck that girls I make my own money


March madness came not a moment too soon
American Democracy midterm done
I caught the redeye for Cancun
Mira mis chicas y mi underneath a Mexicana moon
I met a man
He knew a dude
We made a deal
We each got a roll or two

& now I’m good as a full ride on through to end of senior year
& I take this campus in stride
Don’t need shit from any asshole here
Girlfriend these tits sell wrenches
These tits sell camping gear
Trust if you got it if you got it
Put its ass to work my dear
& grandma I'm not trying to hear it
What do you think financed your Cavalier anyway
Fish on bicycles sugar
Mom I'm an entrepreneur
Your little girl is nobody’s hooker

Track Name: Caribbean Queens

Buckle up aboard a time machine
Leave your books behind for island queens
Young man understand this land sprung us from its loins
& bro I know how it may seem
But you’ll see they share the same dream
It’s a tribute to the girls upstream
C’mon take one for the team

Oy save that exploitation talk for seminar
Why try be something other than what you are
Red blood in you is hot
Why pretend like it’s not
Vacation's no time to get all coy
So loosen up & let your sail unfurl
& lighten up to dive down for a pearl
I know you’ve dreamed about the upstream girl
Go on & give one a whirl


Goys & gringos are probably all she ever gets
All hazy accents & heavy pets
& fuzzy love under mosquito nets
As the sun sets on her stack of coins
Well I won’t make her make it with another drone
I’ll give her the pride of riding one of her own
It will bolster her hope
It will help her to cope
It will bring her a little joy

It’s not my fault that she’s shit outta luck
But I’ll buy her a week where she won’t feel so stuck
God knows she’s been dreaming of a downstream buck

What the fuck
Track Name: Draft Dodgers
I like a man in uniform
She said to her co-workers
The creases keep me warm
He's just as forward as me
So by the time he'd be bored of me
He's sailed off to the firestorm
Itinerancy is the norm
So when I give him all of me
There'll be no controversy
In his dress whites he looked better
In his dress whites he looked better
He looked better than in the autumn
Coming home in a box


I like a cougar on a Friday
He told his commanding officer
Packing up for shore leave holiday
She's all about right now
Right now is all I got
Modern sailors don't tie knots
Budweisers & shots
Ringing out from the register
Always get the best of her
In the barlight she looked better
In the barlight she looked better
She looked better than in the morning
Driving him home in her car

He said this is my final stand
Before they send me to Bumfuckistan
You'll be mine forever
Forever is half an hour in the back of your sedan
Will you keep it if it takes
She said I'm pretty sure I can


He didn't die alone
His brothers cradled his head
As he bled into the Green Zone

But she will never know
She just waits for sailors
When they go
To the bars of San Diego

(words and melody by John Lindenbaum)
Track Name: (Nobel) Infidels
She said it was done so I reshuffled the deck
Shot a text uptown & I was in luck
Stack me a new house
Think I give a fuck
No water off my back
I'm modular
I make it work
With shit straight off the rack


I'm a modern man I've got no knack for contracts
It's complex times I take them as they come
Stack me a new house
Convention center fling
Set against distance nesting
I miss you girl
I'll be home soon
Just thought I’d give a ring


(Hewing to a dream requires a real fortitude
It's a two way street in every pair of eyes
Stack me a new house
To see the light in all
To recognize to deny walls
& I give my life
I give my last breath
To cast ignorance down
So how can I ignore
How could I just discount
This sweet Norweg I found)


Mama I didn't mean to make you cry
Mama I didn't mean to make you cry
Wanted you to see that I was strong
It went all wrong
Mama when do we go back inside


She said it was on so I reshuffled the deck
Sent regrets uptown and ducked into Hallmark
Stack me a new house
Recalibrated quick
No sweat reflex a tic
I'm omnibus
I’ll make it work
Till shit decides to stick
Track Name: MTV Cops
You came from the sky
Just as earth and fire had swallowed us
I did not know if I had long
I told my little girl
Be strong
Be strong
You stay strong

Then a shaft of light
And weight releasing from on top of us
As tumult filtered back surrounding us
My burning eyes picked out your silhouette
And I said not yet not yet not yet

And I can see you
Reaching through the smoke and dust
To lift me up
Saying I had nothing to fear
I'd prayed so hard for an angel to come and rescue us
I said
Are you here

Right when you arrived
I'd just made peace with my husband being gone
Years of grieving now I had to move on
Promised my girl not to raise her on my own
So tired of being alone

Then there you were my knight
And I knew destiny drew you clear across the earth
To bring me life again yes baby you've been my rebirth
And these days of my finest dreams' arranging
But I feel something changing

Oh baby look me in the eye
Help me baby as I try to understand
I know you mean well you're my upright man
But can you see that I need someone
Do you just want someone

And I can see you
But you’re starting to fade
Starting to stiffen
Each time you turn away
My daughter needs a father
Who won’t just disappear
Are you here


I can't forget those nights
I was a new thing girl I'd never known
I was your man & I was all full grown
Every sinew singing every time I walked to town
You drove me crazy baby never so alive
Embedded every night in your sweet caress
& every morning rising beside your sweet breath
But every day just cut me down

Till I said
Every single thing I see
It just passes straight through me
Like I'm a God damned sieve
Girl I'm a ghost
Haunting someone else's home
I don't know what I have to give

& I can see you
Your brown hair crazed by the wind
From the whipping blades
As they kick up the sand
You said where could I go
If it wouldn’t have our bed
I said
This one is over my head
This one is out of my hands

& I can see you
Reaching out for me
From fever dreams
In the moment they’re clear
Before my parents’ basement closes around me
I call out

Are you here
Are you here
Are you here